Sunday, June 21, 2009

Provo High School Color Guard

June 13, 2009

Andrea and her color guard performed in two parades. Springville in the morning
and Orem Summerfest in the evening. Even though it was a RAINY Saturday neither of the parades were wet.

The Bulldog Band marching the parade route. I did get pictures of the Orem High band before they left the starting location. My loyalty is with the band my children are in.

Andi chose the costumes (pants, top and flower) and borrowed the flags from OHS.

I really do like walking the parade with my camera.

Notice Andi and Tiave in the back.

This was the girls second parade performance. Eighteen more to go! jk

Tyler noticed me as he watched the parade from the sidewalk. He is so smart and notices everything! Thanks for running after me, Tyler, to say hello. That made this parade EXTRA special.