Monday, May 31, 2010

The Impact of Appliances

Who would have known how much of an impact a dishwasher would make on my everyday life? Ever since we made the move into our new home our counters have been void of dirty dishes. Wha-hoo!
For seventeen years I have avoided doing dishes since the soaking of my hands in dish water weakens my nails and cracks the tender skin at my finger tips. Our previous home was built in 1944 and back then kitchens were not built large. We never had the space to install a dishwasher. So we were old-fashioned and cleaned dishes by hand.
My older children will attest that 'washing the dishes' was a daily chore of theirs. As the person count in my household has gradually diminished in number over the years the average number of dirty dishes on the kitchen counter have not followed the same pattern. Luckily I have a husband who doesn't mind getting his hands wet. He would choose dish washing over just about any other household chore.
Since our recent move into a more modern home, which includes such luxuries as several bathrooms, air conditioning, TWO car garage, two living rooms, and a dishwasher!!!, I have actually been cleaning up the dishes after each meal. Shocking, I know.
Hey- I may become domesticated someday. Who knows?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts of Gratitude

I am grateful to have found where the camera had been packed. I am grateful to have two more shelves assembled in the garage (courtesy of Bruce's and Amanda's hard work). I am grateful for the miracle of phones which make it possible to hear my grandson's laughter from half way around the world. I am grateful that I have the most amazing kids ever! And their spouses are all pretty darn good people also. I am grateful for a job I thoroughly enjoy, and that it keeps this aging body moving. I am grateful for a sweet friend who figured I deserved a relaxing evening out and provided the dinner and movie. I am grateful for an attentive sister who spent nearly every day for three weeks keeping me on task during our move. I am grateful for my knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Savior. I am grateful for a living prophet on earth today. I am grateful that tomorrow morning I can attend church where people do not know me or my family yet we will be welcomed and treated with kindness and friendship. I am grateful for the feeling of peace even in a troubled world.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


No pics today- just a moment to blab a bit. We are officially in our new place. It's a condo/townhouse near Mt. View high school. A lot of our stuff is moved in, but there is still TONs of stuff still in our Carterville house. The house is supposed to close on Friday and that is when we are supposed to be out. (ha-ha) I am hoping the buyer will give us an extra day cause this 'moving' ordeal has not been easy with work, a wedding, guests, and finding a place to move to. Gotta go- Amanda and I have a car to load with stuff from Carterville to take to the condo.