Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Have It All

Bruce and I are so blessed.

Between the two of us we have nine grand kids.

This year we will add FIVE more!

Aaron and Amber are expecting their first in May.

Their baby will be born in Japan.

We are grateful for the technology of photography and the Internet..

as that means we will be able to meet our newest grandchild

even though we will be half a world away.

Amryn and Jason are adopting three of their foster kids.

If all goes well Dorian, Dimitri and Donavon

will join the family on August 11th.

After many mis-carriages

Amryn is 'expecting' another boy on June 7th.

By the middle of August this year

I calculate that Bruce and I will have IT ALL!

I also calculate that Amryn and Jason

should invest money in Ibuprofen, and Toys R Us stocks.

Birthday Girl for a Day

Katy's birthday was February 19th.
Here she is pictured with her two sons Michael and Braxton.
This was taken last summer
when she and Chad made a surprise visit!
Not only did they surprise us,
but Chad also trimmed our walnut trees for us.
Katy is not only adorable, clever, funny and outgoing,
but she is also very smart by choosing Chad as a hubby.
She LOVES reading.

She is an awesome sister and daughter-in-law.
We will keep her- Thank You!

Katy is a pro at being a Mom.
Here she is with Braxton when he was so little.

Her insight and talents make her an excellant mother and wife.

Here she is with two of her favorite people.
We love you bunches!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Hunny

I absolutely love it when other people update their blog- even when it is merely four sentences and a picture. So I imagine since it is Valentine's day I should do a quick blurb about my Hunny Bunny, Bruce. Considering that at the present moment we are struggling to maintain our 'middle income' status I warned Bruce that I didn't think we should get each other anything for Valentine's. I thought he had agreed. When he came home from work on Friday he had in his hands a beautiful bunch of white tulips. Ahh- isn't he so sweet? Smart guy!