Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Girl for a Day

Katy's birthday was February 19th.
Here she is pictured with her two sons Michael and Braxton.
This was taken last summer
when she and Chad made a surprise visit!
Not only did they surprise us,
but Chad also trimmed our walnut trees for us.
Katy is not only adorable, clever, funny and outgoing,
but she is also very smart by choosing Chad as a hubby.
She LOVES reading.

She is an awesome sister and daughter-in-law.
We will keep her- Thank You!

Katy is a pro at being a Mom.
Here she is with Braxton when he was so little.

Her insight and talents make her an excellant mother and wife.

Here she is with two of her favorite people.
We love you bunches!

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Life with Mark and Kristin said...

Katy really is a sweet person. I was glad Mark and I could meet her when we were out there over the summer. She's a lot of fun!