Friday, March 26, 2010

OHS Ballroom at BYU Marriot Center

Keep in mind that I DO NOT
have a professional camera
and I am sitting back in the bleachers
and it is indoors
and my subjects are not holding still.
I am so glad that I was able
to watch the 'free' performances
on the weeknight.
That helps diminish the aggravation
of paying $33 to see the last 2 minutes
of this performance on a later night.
Have I mentioned that this team
received 2nd place
for the performance I missed?
Sure hope someone video taped
the show and posted it on you-tube or something.
I am so proud of YOU Amanda!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I haven't figured how to edit photos from the blog. I was not successful in cropping this pic in whatever photo shop program is attached to the file I took this picture from. Imagine it is cropped closer to the earring- that is what I wish to show you. The earrings were designed by Becky

$11 a Snapshot

Amanda is the second from the top
on the right.
We are viewing this from
the top of the Marriott Center.

We just paid $33 to see the ending of this
dance number. We would have missed it in it's entirety
if we hadn't peeked in at the first entrance we came to.
Needless to say I felt absolutely ILL!

Sleeping Beauty

I love this one for the eyelashes
and the angle of the arms.
This is my favorite for the eyes
and the little moles on Andi's neck.

Love this one for the smile
and the the laughter in her eyes.
This was most likely
the first photograph of the collection.
Derek had fallen asleep
holding Andi in his arms.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Visitors Welcome

Adorable Thomas With Great Grandpa Lambert

What can I say?
Reading a book with Great Grandpa.
What a special treat!

Ashley enjoys hanging out with Grandpa.
Becca and John are in town for a week
so we had a family dinner at
Grandma and Grandpa's house after church.
Many people got to meet Thomas for the very first time.
It is such a blessing to have
Amber and Thomas staying with us right now.

Moonlit Web

Just a quick photo captured
as Amanda and I left the Marriott Center
Wednesday night after Amanda's ballroom performance.

Winter Wonderland

Last week we received a little snowfall. Here is the adorable four foot snowman created by one of Amanda's friends while he waited for her to get her shoes on before they left to do some 'stoneing.
'Stoneing is what you do when you glue thousands of gems onto ballroom gowns.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Simple Snapshot

Let me expound on the simple details whispered
from this photograph taken by me in December 2009.

1- I enjoy the artwork of Derek Hegsted. "Mary's Love " is displayed on the back left wall.
2- Scrap booking is a creative outlet I indulge in periodically- and I love to show-off my recent creations- especially if they are of important and adorable people in my life. Notice the Christmas page designed with three of my boys and their wives.
3- I LOVE angels, At one time I taught community classes helping gals create their own ceramic dolls. The cream colored angel is like the one I fell in love with after seeing Karen Robinson's (original designer and creator of the doll kits) displayed on a piano in a Relief Society room years ago. I made mine through the inspiration of hers.
4- I love beautiful smells. There is a small Bath and Body works candle sitting next to the angel.
5- I am very sentimental. The many and varied ornaments on the tree are collected from many memories I wish to treasure. The newest ornaments came from Hawaii. There are a collection of the ones made by my children, some of which showcase their faces. There is one to remind me of when Chris served a mission in Italy, one with coke bottles from when Bruce worked for Coca-cola. Ceramic baby booties are a reminder of when a baby was in the future. There is one from Yvonne and Richard given to us when they lived in Germany. There are a few shiny colored balls I remember seeing on my Grandma Lambert's trees from long ago. A wide variety of Christmas memories. And of course, many, many angels.
6- I love multi-colored wrapping paper cause I love to use my vast array of colored curling ribbon. Bright green, teal, turquoise, blue, white, orange and sometimes even red. Santa is seldom (if ever) found on my wrappings. I like to see snowmen, reindeer, Tinkerbell, candy mints, snow scenes, penguins, vintage villages, animals ice skating, and the like.
7- The sunlight streaming through the window blinds indicates that it is morning- yet not early early morning.
8- Despite the hour of the day, whether showered or not- my girls are ALWAYS AND FOREVER BEAUTIFUL!
9- Oh...and I love my pale pink walls.
10- I am not quick to change things . . . these walls have been pink for over sixteen years.