Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Simple Snapshot

Let me expound on the simple details whispered
from this photograph taken by me in December 2009.

1- I enjoy the artwork of Derek Hegsted. "Mary's Love " is displayed on the back left wall.
2- Scrap booking is a creative outlet I indulge in periodically- and I love to show-off my recent creations- especially if they are of important and adorable people in my life. Notice the Christmas page designed with three of my boys and their wives.
3- I LOVE angels, At one time I taught community classes helping gals create their own ceramic dolls. The cream colored angel is like the one I fell in love with after seeing Karen Robinson's (original designer and creator of the doll kits) displayed on a piano in a Relief Society room years ago. I made mine through the inspiration of hers.
4- I love beautiful smells. There is a small Bath and Body works candle sitting next to the angel.
5- I am very sentimental. The many and varied ornaments on the tree are collected from many memories I wish to treasure. The newest ornaments came from Hawaii. There are a collection of the ones made by my children, some of which showcase their faces. There is one to remind me of when Chris served a mission in Italy, one with coke bottles from when Bruce worked for Coca-cola. Ceramic baby booties are a reminder of when a baby was in the future. There is one from Yvonne and Richard given to us when they lived in Germany. There are a few shiny colored balls I remember seeing on my Grandma Lambert's trees from long ago. A wide variety of Christmas memories. And of course, many, many angels.
6- I love multi-colored wrapping paper cause I love to use my vast array of colored curling ribbon. Bright green, teal, turquoise, blue, white, orange and sometimes even red. Santa is seldom (if ever) found on my wrappings. I like to see snowmen, reindeer, Tinkerbell, candy mints, snow scenes, penguins, vintage villages, animals ice skating, and the like.
7- The sunlight streaming through the window blinds indicates that it is morning- yet not early early morning.
8- Despite the hour of the day, whether showered or not- my girls are ALWAYS AND FOREVER BEAUTIFUL!
9- Oh...and I love my pale pink walls.
10- I am not quick to change things . . . these walls have been pink for over sixteen years.

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