Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Amanda OHS Ballroom Competition 2009

Look forward . . .

Look to the right . . .

Make a silly face.

This is why I have a camera- to be able to capture moments and expressions of my kids and grand kids to view over and over again. The many pictures and videos taken is why my Hunny bought me an external hard-drive. Because my external hard-drive is full is why he bought a cute little red one (hard-drive not dress, silly) for himself. My girls and I are gradually burning Cd's of the vast amounts of files stored on my external hd to clear up space for more pictures. Remember awhile back when I was surprised at myself that I hadn't taken my camera with me to a few events? That was when I couldn't take anymore pictures cause I didn't have computer space to clear off my memory cards. So for every picture I took I had to decide on one to delete. Not a fun task.

And don't ask how many memory cards I have-

I still own more shoes.

Maybe not in gigabytes, but definitely in the number individual memory sticks. :)

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