Friday, February 5, 2010

No Title (continued)

The photo I had hoped to add is not post worthy. It is blurry. But let me tell you about it anyway.
For the next two months my Thursdays have been promised to Andi in preparation for her wedding. I have arranged to not work on Thursdays and Andi has arranged to go into work early in the morning so that she will have the afternoon free after her classes. Last Thursday the two of us had created a fairly sizable list of places we wanted to go and things we wished to find. We spent an amazing two hours at Hobby Lobby in SLC. First time we had been there and now we know why Becky LOVEs that store. We found more than what was on our list- go figure? Yet the brown 4" x 6" pillar candles (sole purpose of making the trip) were not to be found.
After rejuvenating our bodies with food we were heading home when we noticed the Ikea store off in the distance. Months ago when Ikea had opened their massive store to the greater SLC masses I had considered that I might be able to go my whole life without gracing their doors. For no reason other than the fact that Ikea is just another retail store and "Why should I follow the crazed crowd?"
When a person is planning a wedding, priorities may change. Silly me- here I was ready to actually enter an Ikea in search of brown 4" x 6" candles. Surely a home decor store of their enormous size would have what I was in search of. Andi took a picture of me entering Ikea's doors for the first (and possibly only) time. The blurry pic which I'm not posting. We only had 15 minutes to explore before they were to close the doors for the day. Alas, no brown candles. We did purchase an ice cream to share. And we visited the restrooms before making our drive back home. Thus the previous picture of me and my very tall black companions. How could I resist a picture with such stately people? Besides- the pic was Andi's idea.

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JMadd said...

Karen, you need to come with me to learn how to do Ikea right.