Friday, July 31, 2009

July 2008- Ben and the Alligator

It's about time I posted a few pictures from the
2008 Annual fourth of July pool party.
These are a few of the ones I promised Aurelia a looooong time ago.
I think she should scrapbook these. :)

More PHS MB Camp

PHS Marching Band Camp

Here is Andi hard at work.
She is wearing her hair down to protect
her neck from the scorching sun.
I love to see feet in snyc.

Yup...Andi is the colorguard instructor
for a rival school.
Go Provo!
I love taking pictures of brass.
And kids holding brass.

One of the girls on colorguard.
I hope to take enough pictures that I will
eventually actually know her name.
Ya gotta get some shade when you can.
These kids have been practicing outside
in the sun and heat for five days now-
from 8 am to 5 pm.
Andi and Tiave.
Both went to OHS.

Beautiful scenery.

A girl with a flag.

That's all folks!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

To future SLURPING!

Mark and Kristen brought themselves and their three kids for a visit to Utah. Mark is an Art Teacher so he usually has weeks of time in the summer to make the trip from Minnesota to see family. I am extremely grateful that because of this I am able to see this beautiful family every year.
Last year they timed their visit perfectly for Aaron and Amber's wedding.
Today family gathered at mom's home. At first it was a small gathering- Mark and Kristin with their 3, mom and dad, Robert and Jen, Paul and Kerrie with their kids, and Bruce, Andi, Amanda and I. Throughout the afternoon other's arrived. Tish and Dave with Abby and Meagan, Melanie with a few of her kids, Ben and Aurelia with Nathan, Kj, Sarah, and Celestia. Michelle and Stephen arrived bearing baked-fresh-this-morning (packaged) cookies.
At one point Amanda, and Andi showed the girls how to make flower clips. Emma and Katherine made the blooms faster than Amanda could hot glue the ribbon on the clips. I hope Emma and Katherine will remember their Utah cousins every time they wear one of their beautiful flower clips they created today.
The biggest attraction was the rocket launcher provided by Paul. I hope to get pictures from Kristin of the days event. She had a camera and I was too lazy to bring mine. You know how much I LOVE pictures! (I was mentally exhausted from this past week of working long hours. But that is a completely different story if it is ever told.)
The real purpose of my entry today is to begin recording more memories more often with the intent of eventually 'slurping' this blog. Kristen had two journal books with her which she had created. Each book held four years worth of photos and events of her and her family. One of the books had been created by scanning pictures and writing. The other was 'slurped' from her blog.
I hope to SLURP. Eventually.
Till then- my life will be more visible on this blog. As my intent is to write more- even if I do not have pictures to add or the patience and time to post pictures.
Love Karen

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tyler's 3rd Birthday

Here is Blake eating one of those humongous cheetos.
I wasn't too surprised that it actually fit in his mouth.
He has a BIG smile.
One of these days I will figure out how to post pictures in the order
I prefer instead of what seems as the random way it 'just happens'.
Once the Tonka Trucks were brought out
all other gifts were quickly forgotten.
Do you blame anyone?
These are WAY cool!

Hee-hee. I got the picture before mom cleaned them off.
Unknowingly she got me back later-
when I sat on the wet cloth she had used.

Tyler's new trucks do awesome stuff!
They lift, dump, beep, move forward, backward.

This is what Blake turned the dog into.
Refer to next photo.

Chris' New Ride

Can you tell that Amanda is super excited to ride in Chris' new car?
Great! Now she will think our Sable is old and VERY outdated.
Tyler turned three on Tuesday June 16th.
He celebrated with a party at Grandpa & Grandma Barksdale's.
We had a fun time playing, visiting and watching kids do cute things.