Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sledding Tradition

This is one of my most favorite
events of each year- sledding on Christmas Eve.
The tubes have to be inflated.
I am Grateful for people with muscles.
Notice that it is prohibited to build jumps....
yet nothing is said about jumping off buildings.
Go for it, Aaron!

My gorgeous girls.

Jayden is excited and ready to play.

Dare Devil Derek

This is the best part of Christmas-
the smiles on kids faces.

Creating memories to last a childhood.

Blake doesn't want to have anything
to do with the cold snow.

Blake did have fun.
For about 10 minutes.

I don't think Amanda
did ANY sledding.

Beautiful view from South Fork Park.

Yup- Grandpa even joined in the activities.

I really think Jayden had the most fun!
She was constantly sledding, carried her own sled,
and had the biggest smile!

'bout time to go.
Hot chocolate to the rescue!

A Sick Day Is Not As Fun As A Snow Day

I hate being sick. I would rather be at work exchanging/selling shoes than be at home laying on the couch watching a movie. Or worse yet- actually contemplating going to bed at 7:30 pm.
How many times had I wished for just a moment to sit down and relax? How many movies have I missed watching due to lack of time? How many photos need to be viewed and burned onto Cd's. My brain is telling me I should be able to accomplish those wishes today since I called in sick and have an empty day. Nah! Blowing my nose, coughing up gunk, sipping hot juice, resting my head, and drinking lots of water has taken all my energy.

Monday, December 21, 2009

...and more of Kauai

Ben was our driver for the whole vacation.
This is where we ate lunch
on the last day we were in Kauai.
Love the view!
Trying out the snorkling gear.
Gotta have the shades and a hat.

Outdoor dining.
Here's my hunny in front of the falls.
Bruce was actually feeling fairly good on this day.
A cool looking tree- I just had
to take a photo so I could
remember this for the rest of my life.
It is so amazing to me
that a tree can have such a variety
of leaves, berries and colors.
More plant variety.
See- it has leaves with a flower
plus some twiggy things
all on the same plant.
I will have to ask Aurelia
the name of these falls.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Andi's Christmas gift from her Dad.

Andi wasn't planning on finding her wedding dress just yet- but when she went in to Allyses to purchase a gift for Amanda the new bridal catalogs were out at the counter. It was fun for Andi to be told she was the first customer to view the new catalog release.
She took a few minutes to browse the pages as she walked through the mall to meet me at Nordstrom. One dress caught her attention and she was baffled at the price. Surely it was a typo error. When she met up with me she showed me the picture of the dress and also showed me the price voicing her doubt that that could not possibly be the actual price. I adviced her to call the store when she got home and ask them.
Our excitement grew as Andi verified that was indeed the price and they had a size 6 and a 2 for her to try on. I was able to leave work early and the three of us girls went dress shopping. (By then Amanda was out of school).
Short story shorter- Amanda was dissapointed that the dress she had put on hold the previous night was back on the sale rack. Little did she know that in fact it was not the same items she had put on hold because Andi had already purchased them and hidden them at home.
Andi found her perfect wedding dress (size 00). Bruce picked it up for her after he got home from work. He got a bit teary eyed carrying her daughters wedding dress through the mall back to the car. He is so sweet and very tender hearted.
After Christmas we will have a 'sister' party where the girls and I help Andi pick out the accessories such as tiara and veil. It will be a fun day spent with Katy, Liz, Amryn, Amanda, and Andi. So looking forward to it! Hope all the girls will be there.
P.S.- Amber will be in Japan and Rachel will be in Arizona.

More pictures of Kauai

Check out the colors of the water and sand!

I will have to be reminded of what this Valley is called.
The important part is that I remember being there,
and I enjoyed every moment!

More of the same valley.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A bit of Kauai

I have just finished uploading my pictures from Hawaii. (Oct. 09) Bruce had to clear out a ton of Amanda's files before there was room to move the photos off the memory cards onto the desk top. After I unloaded two memory cards the computer is complaining of low disc space again. I have thousands of pictures to go through. The two here are my attempt at getting something blogged. These birds are an example of the type of visitors we would see from the lanai.