Saturday, June 30, 2012

Resurrecting a Poloroid Photo

Way back in 1984, before the invention of the digital camera, there was a thing called 'poloroid film'. One of the benefits of using this technology was that a person could view the outcome of a photo shortly after taking the shot.  One of the drawbacks was the cost and the quality could be poor. And years later the quality would diminish even more. Still- I believe the end result is a few steps above cave drawings. :)

The moment remembered here is a Saturday morning, late in fall, playing with my three sons. Chris, Chad and Jim. Chad is atop his new rocking horse which he received on his birthday that year. I believe all three boys are wearing cowboy boots. Yes- with sweats!!!!

I love these guys!!!!

Peace, Love and Teenagers

    Granted that Aaron and Andi are no longer in the 'teen' catagory, and Amanda has less than a year remaining with that label, but at the time of this photo they were each very much in that stage. The great times exceeded the not so perfect times. We each survived that stage in life. Even though some of us just barely.
    My face lights up with a smile everytime I see this page. I love how the varied pattern papers behind my smilely children exudes love, happiness, and fun. I adore these three amazing people! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Run, Andi, run!

It has been a while since Andi competed in track. She began running at meets in Junior High. I have great memories of hot, long days waiting and watching her race around the track. There were a few wet and cold days too. It was all fun. Andi tried her best each time. She has awesome endurance and makes a mom proud.

These memories make me smile. :)

P.S. Amanda took the chain link fence picture. (top photo) She entered and won in the Reflections contest with this one. We have talent just oozing in all directions in this family!