Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jewelry Day at Becky's

These are the FANTASTIC earrings
I created while at Becky's home.
These are the AMAZING pairs
Becky created in the same time
it took me to do my five.
She is a wiz at creating creative creations.
(hee hee)
In the future I will let you know how to
view MORE of what Becky makes.
Remember the beautiful hair floweres
Andi's Colorguard wore during parades?
Becky made those.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chad & Katy drop by for a visit.

Katy and Chad had an errand to run.
Braxton and Michael were left in the
expert care of Andrea and Grandma.
"Don't let them get wet.", Chad says
as he and his wife hop in the car.
Lucky for the little boys-
Grandma has a hearing 'problem'.

Oh-no! Someone is a 'little' wet.

That's okay.
We can dry Michael off
and mom won't suspect anything.

We played with bubbles
colored, played air hockey,
and made paper airplanes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

Happy Birthday Rachel & Dad

Bruce with little tiny Ben.
On August 9th
we went to the Scott's home to celebrate
Rachel's and Dad's birthdays.
It was just a small get-together
to have pie and spend time with people we love.
Ben, Amryn, Amanda and Andi

Ben, my youngest grandchild at the moment.

Brandon- being a kid.
VERY normal for him.

Jon and Derek sharing the go-cart!

It was difficult to get a great picture
of eight of my grandkids in one photo.

But we tried....

Four at a time is so much easier.

Doony with the spitting dragon.
Donny is just way too cute!

Cooper playing with Dereks new toy.
Adorable Sofie.
Playing with cousins!
Sleeping Ben.
Even amongst all the commotion.