Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jewelry Day at Becky's

These are the FANTASTIC earrings
I created while at Becky's home.
These are the AMAZING pairs
Becky created in the same time
it took me to do my five.
She is a wiz at creating creative creations.
(hee hee)
In the future I will let you know how to
view MORE of what Becky makes.
Remember the beautiful hair floweres
Andi's Colorguard wore during parades?
Becky made those.

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Life with Mark and Kristin said...

You are so talented. The earrings you made are fabulous! If I didn't tell you already I meant to, okay? The girls absolutely loved making those hair barrettes at Grandma Lamberts and they love wearing them. Thank you and your girls soooo much for doing that. It was really sweet.