Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Activity Day- Christmas Swags

For one of our November activities I had a dozen girls at my home,
each making their very own star swag.



 Even though I was the only person there above the age of 11- we successfully created 12 very pretty and unique Christmas decorations. I had several star patterns ready for the girls to trace onto a 12x12 paper, cut out and then edge each star in silver. We used sharpie pens. The girls got to try out my Big Shot tool to cut out scalloped circles on glitter card stock. We used Quickutz hand tools and dies to cut letters from the paper scraps. And then edged the letters in silver. The crinkled paper under each letter is a 2.25" x 5" length of tissue fan-folded, stapled in the center of the scalloped circle, then fanned out in a circle. We glued the circles to the center of each star. Then I helped each girl hot glue the letters onto the tissue and then hot glue each star onto a length of thick yarn.

Imagine something similar done with hearts for Valentine's, egg shapes and chicks for Easter, stars for July 4th, leaves for Autumn, pumpkins for Halloween. This was simple, inexpensive and fun. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Murdocks - Two Peas in a Bucket

Merry Christmas from the Murdocks - Two Peas in a Bucket

Yup- I am trying out a new feature (new 2 me) on my blog. Click on the link above to visit a gallery where I have posted one of my recent scrapbook pages. It is a contest and the prize is scrapping stuff. Scrapping stuff is important and valuable to me :) so your help is APPRECIATED! While you are there viewing my work please 'like' my page. Thank you!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

On Line Scrapbooking By Liz

This is a sample of the awesome kind of stuff my beautiful daughter-in-law creates.

Wow! I admire her talent. And I love how I benefit from her creativeness. Love these adorable guys!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Invention? Under The Bed Venting

The problem: The furniture covers the only air vent in the room.
The solution: Redirecting air via tubing and a T-vent.

I purchased a T-vent, air duct tubing, 5 metal ring clamps, and two dryer vent caps from the local Lowe's. I cut about 6 inches of tubing to attach to the T-vent portion which I stuck into the floor vent, (after I removed the floor vent plate of course) to aid the air flow into the T-vent. I did insulate the gaps between the circular vent and the oblong floor vent with waded up fabric. I had searched for something the same size as the floor vent but I was not able to locate exactly what I had desired. So I had to put a round tube in an oblong space. I was lucky that the guy at Lowes actually helped me and that with his help I was able to locate the tools I used. Unlike the guy at Home Depot who just rolled his eyes at me when I had explained what I was trying to accomplish and what products I was searching for.

Using the circular metal clamps I then attached enough tubing to each end of the T-vent to reach the sides of the bed. I attached the white plastic dryer vents at each end with the ring clamps and faced them upwards so that the air flow is directed into the room, rather than heating or cooling under my bed.

I knew my project was a success when my husband and I could actually feel the cooling effect of the air conditioner at night. Now that it is winter it is assuring to know that we are not paying to heat the carpet under our bed. A+ for me!!!