Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Activity Day- Christmas Swags

For one of our November activities I had a dozen girls at my home,
each making their very own star swag.



 Even though I was the only person there above the age of 11- we successfully created 12 very pretty and unique Christmas decorations. I had several star patterns ready for the girls to trace onto a 12x12 paper, cut out and then edge each star in silver. We used sharpie pens. The girls got to try out my Big Shot tool to cut out scalloped circles on glitter card stock. We used Quickutz hand tools and dies to cut letters from the paper scraps. And then edged the letters in silver. The crinkled paper under each letter is a 2.25" x 5" length of tissue fan-folded, stapled in the center of the scalloped circle, then fanned out in a circle. We glued the circles to the center of each star. Then I helped each girl hot glue the letters onto the tissue and then hot glue each star onto a length of thick yarn.

Imagine something similar done with hearts for Valentine's, egg shapes and chicks for Easter, stars for July 4th, leaves for Autumn, pumpkins for Halloween. This was simple, inexpensive and fun. 

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Liz Huntsman said...

How Fun! I wish I would have done something like that for Christmas with the boys ... but I will definitely do that for Valentines!!! I hope you guys had a wonderful New Years! Did you play games? I was going to ask you to go sledding with us ... but figured you had a house full of visitors playing games. :) (We never went-so another time!) We have played DRIVE for the last two days with the kids. THEY LOVE IT!!! It is so much fun. We had a few tears ... but that's what you get with kids losing. :) I'm just trying to find the last two pieces of Angry Birds so we can actually play the REAL game tonight! SO FUN!!! THANK YOU!!!