Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Invention? Under The Bed Venting

The problem: The furniture covers the only air vent in the room.
The solution: Redirecting air via tubing and a T-vent.

I purchased a T-vent, air duct tubing, 5 metal ring clamps, and two dryer vent caps from the local Lowe's. I cut about 6 inches of tubing to attach to the T-vent portion which I stuck into the floor vent, (after I removed the floor vent plate of course) to aid the air flow into the T-vent. I did insulate the gaps between the circular vent and the oblong floor vent with waded up fabric. I had searched for something the same size as the floor vent but I was not able to locate exactly what I had desired. So I had to put a round tube in an oblong space. I was lucky that the guy at Lowes actually helped me and that with his help I was able to locate the tools I used. Unlike the guy at Home Depot who just rolled his eyes at me when I had explained what I was trying to accomplish and what products I was searching for.

Using the circular metal clamps I then attached enough tubing to each end of the T-vent to reach the sides of the bed. I attached the white plastic dryer vents at each end with the ring clamps and faced them upwards so that the air flow is directed into the room, rather than heating or cooling under my bed.

I knew my project was a success when my husband and I could actually feel the cooling effect of the air conditioner at night. Now that it is winter it is assuring to know that we are not paying to heat the carpet under our bed. A+ for me!!!


Kelly said...

Where did you find the t-vent? I googled it and can't seem to find one that looks like the one pictured.

Karen Decker said...

I found the vent at Home Depot where they have a section of various shaped metal pieces for heating vent construction. The part which is stuck in my floor is actually rectangle in shape with the two circle arms visable.