Monday, February 28, 2011

Maggie- Sooooooo Cute!

Such a beautiful girl!
She gets prettier every time I see her.
I can tell that Amanda took this photograph,
because of the direction I had to
flip the picture from the photo file.
I hold the camera in the same direction
every time I take a side shot.
My girls holds the camera in the opposite direction.
So in photo manager all my pics
which are on it's side are flipped to the left,
Amanda's and Andi's to the right. Just an odd fact.
So I thought of my darling girls and smiled. :)
Love them!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waiting To Meet The Governor

Cell phone cameras come in real handy
when you are a person standing in the Gold Room
waiting to meet the Governor of Utah
and you suddenly have the urge to tell someone about it.
Can you spot Amanda?

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Rose A Day

On Friday Amanda received a pink rose
from an admirer during school.
It brightened her day
and kept a smile on her face for hours.
Saturday night, as the car sat in the parking lot
of Mountain View High School
during the choir concert,
words and hearts were painted on the car windows
and two perfect white roses were
set gracefully on the dash.

Late at night and intoxicated by the beauty
and rarity of such a gift.

All of the windows were decorated.
So much fun!
Monday, after school this . . .

. . . showed up on our door step.
Sean took Amanda to The Cocoa Bean to spoil
her with cupcakes.
Take notes guys-
The simplest things can melt a girls heart.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bandana Guy- A Favorite Photo

I have favorite pictures located all over the place. Some are on this computer, some on the other computer, others are on one of two external storage things, more are stored with Shutterfly, a few thousand are stored on Cd's, some are printed and scrap booked. Some just printed.
And a few are found on other peoples blogs. Like this one!
And NOW it is on MY BLOG!!!!!

A Bunch of Monk Keys

For Halloween last year
Aaron was a Monk, Amber was keys,
and little Thomas was the monkey!
I miss these guys!

So Adorable!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Caden's Blessing Day

Michael with Great Grandpa Coombs.

Grandpas are for hugs and kisses,
and lots of teasing and tickles.

Michael with Grandpa Maxwell.
Katy's sister playing with baby Caden.

Caden in his blessing clothes
snuggling with Great Grandma.

Dad and his little guys.
It is so much fun to see these handsome men.
So much help and input from Michael and Braxton!
Can Grandpa see what he is doing?

Big smiles from
Michael and Great Grandpa Coombs.

Close ups of Caden.

Showing off!

Chad received his High School Yearbooks
as a gift from his darling wife, Katy.
You can see a corner of one of the books
peeking out from behind Caden.
Father and Son

Gorgeous Mom!

Rough-housing with uncle Derek.

Michael Michael.

Smiles from Caden.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Robert's Birthday Party 2010

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Our testimonies are as fragile as moonbeams. (Quoted from Harold B. Lee, I believe). A person must live the gospel every single day. We must constantly work at keeping our testimonies bright and shiny.