Friday, February 18, 2011

A Rose A Day

On Friday Amanda received a pink rose
from an admirer during school.
It brightened her day
and kept a smile on her face for hours.
Saturday night, as the car sat in the parking lot
of Mountain View High School
during the choir concert,
words and hearts were painted on the car windows
and two perfect white roses were
set gracefully on the dash.

Late at night and intoxicated by the beauty
and rarity of such a gift.

All of the windows were decorated.
So much fun!
Monday, after school this . . .

. . . showed up on our door step.
Sean took Amanda to The Cocoa Bean to spoil
her with cupcakes.
Take notes guys-
The simplest things can melt a girls heart.

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JMadd said...

That is a sweet guy.