Monday, August 20, 2012

Barbie And Her Friends Go To School

 Little Yellow Bicycle designed some cute school themed papers which sparked an idea in my head. Since Barbie and Ken  need to attend yet one more year of pretend school I made them a classroom just for them. I can hardly wait for Jayden and Sofie to visit so we can play with this doll sized movie set.
 Little Yellow Bicycle's 'Makin The Grade' locker paper is perfect for my imaginary school walls.
 I cut the lockers doors so they open up like real lockers. I will let my grand daughters deside on how to
decorate the insides.
 I added a few small details to make playing school fun.
Hopefully the notes on the bulletin board will spark someone's creativity in coming up with social scenarios for Barbie and her friends. School dance? Football game? Chemistry lab? Lead singer in the choir? School play? Detention hall? Swim tryouts? Barbie will be sure to have a reason to change her outfits over and over.

I will be on the lookout for things to make more movie sets for Barbie. She needs a kitchen, bedroom, library, theatre, and who knows what else! I think I like making movie sets in miniature more than sewing those skinny clothes.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Faux Painted Walls

Please do not ask Bruce or Amanda just how many trips I made to Lowe's and Home Depot. Please do not look in the box of painting tools to count just how many mixed samples of paint I purchased. And I promise I will not ask your opinion on yet another color sample . . . cause I've finally decided and the painting is complete!!!!! Do I hear angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus?

The painting part was really fun, it was just a tad frustrating knowing what color and technique I wanted and not finding it in a paint can with my name on it and a full color brochure with foolproof instructions written in detail waiting for me.

And the paint people giving me contradicting info did not simplify the process.

And then there was the little detail that the new furniture arrived in a different finish than I had envisioned. (It only took about a week for my brain to overcome that glitch)

And when you give a mouse a cookie you have to buy a new bedspread. (tee-hee) And six fun pillows to complete the new fashion statement.

Last item needed are curtains. My wallet and hubby need a reprieve, so that will come later.

For next time I have learned a lesson- When deciding on what color to paint a room go to every paint store you know of and pick up one of EVERY one of those paint chip cards. It will save immensely on time and gas.