Friday, December 19, 2008

Amber! =)

Sorry... we have thus far failed to mention that Amber (Decker! woot woot) is staying with us for a while. She arrived the 10th of December and is staying till just after Christmas. We have loved having her here! and we try not to bore her. I'm sure she would LOVE for some of you guys to come visit (for those who are close enough to do so), so feel free to come by for a visit to catch up and/or play games any time!
Sorry so short, but we just wanted to let people know of our special guest ;)
Love you all!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Make room

Venus and Jupiter in the night sky

I enjoy trying a variety of functions on my camera.
I was able to get this shot the other evening while Jupiter and Venus were visible.
(the two lights in the lower right)
Because I used a flash in this one the walnut tree branches are visible.

The joys of taking your own picture

I wanted a normal picture of myself. Amanda refused to be the photographer since it was FREEZING outside. So as a full fledged Dork I tried taking my own picture by holding the camera out in front of me and snapping a few shots. I tried not to let the cars driving by bother me. Let them think what they wish. When I finally checked the pics on the camera display I noticed Amanda in the background. With a surprised look on my face I turned around and walked through the door to find Amanda waiting and snickering.
We had a great time laughing about it.

The Photo Shoot

Amanda finally gave in and braved the cold to take my picture.

Of course I took a few MARVELOUS pics of her first.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The first 'link'

Obviously I have extra time to waste this morning (three minutes before noon. Aack!) Jenn led me to this crazy blog. It makes me laugh and I understand this type of humor. When you have time and wish to improve your health (laughing is good for you) click on the link. Tell them the Decker family sent you. :) word to your mother: superfantastic blog giveaway

Christ Season

I pray that the presents I give this year
can be gifts of service, hope, gratitude, and caring.
I pray that the people I love can feel of my love through the words I speak,
and the small things I do for them.
I pray that the strangers I meet may know of my love for Christ
by what they see in my eyes.
I pray that come January 2009
the world will be a better place because I am in it.
I am grateful for the gift of eternal Life which my savior, Christ, has given me.
May my daily actions show love and gratitude of Him.