Friday, December 19, 2008

Amber! =)

Sorry... we have thus far failed to mention that Amber (Decker! woot woot) is staying with us for a while. She arrived the 10th of December and is staying till just after Christmas. We have loved having her here! and we try not to bore her. I'm sure she would LOVE for some of you guys to come visit (for those who are close enough to do so), so feel free to come by for a visit to catch up and/or play games any time!
Sorry so short, but we just wanted to let people know of our special guest ;)
Love you all!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!


DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

Is Amber Aaron's new bride? I hope that Aaron will be able to be home for Christmas also. When is Aaron's wife's baby due. I bet she is so excited.

If I were close I would come over to play games. That sounds like a lot of fun. I am really sad that I am going to be missing game day on New Years. Are you haveing game day at all while I'm in town for Christmas?

Decker Family said...

Becca- Yes, Amber is Aaron's bride. Their baby is due May 15th. Aaron does NOT get to come stateside for Christmas. But he LOVES letters and goodies sent to him. Ask me for his address. We can have a game day anytime you would like. It probably won't include me since I work so much. How long will you be here? You are planning on sledding on Christmas Eve...right?

DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

John and I will be there tomorrow night until Monday morning. It wont be a game day without. You have to be there.