Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trains with Tyler and Blake

Seeing trains with a couple of my favorite people was high on my Saturday to do list.

I was hoping there would be bigger trains to see- but miniature ones were okay too. There was Hogwarts, Utah County, and scenic places of Utah depicted in miniature with trains just as small choo- chooing along their tracks. Constructed out of Lego's were grand and impressive imaginary places.
I believe train clubs are more for building miniature worlds than for the tracks around them. Just a theory I have after seeing the train exhibit at Thanksgiving Point.


When we woke up Saturday
morning the world was a quiet white.
I love the peacefulness a new
snowfall brings.

Happy Birthday Andi!!!!!

Chris was there!!!!!!!!!
I will make my disclaimer now-
Some of these pics are a little blurry.
The ones I am not posting are even worse.
Gee- and to think I was minutes away from being perfect.
I HAD to blog this pic.
I told Ty that when a person
makes faces at my camera they
risk having the face shown to the world.

Perusing the pictures Chris took
of Derek and Andi for their
engagement announcements.
Very pleased with the artistic quality.

It's a birthday celebration!
There must be candles to blow out.
Notice the salad on Derek's place?
We try to spoil him.

Derek's family came over for dinner and games.
My favorite game was one where every person writes the name of 5 people well known to the group on 5 slips of paper. The papers are put into a bowl. People sit in a circle, every other person is on the same team. The bowl starts with one person who pulls a slip out, reads it to themselves and then must describe to everyone else who this person is without disclosing the name. Once that team guesses the person correctly the player pulls out another slip and repeats until the predetermined time has expired. We did 30 seconds. Then the next person/team starts their round. When everyone has had a turn each team counts the points they have thus far- determined by the amount of correct guesses. The papers are put back in the bowl and round two proceeds as the first except this time the person reading the papers may only say one word. Round three proceeds as the second only this time there are no words, just actions.
It was very fun to meet some of Derek's family and spend an evening laughing and celebrating Andi.

OHS Preference Dance

I tried to capture some of the pink on the mountains.
The Theme of the dance was
Old Hollywood.
The 'vintage' hat is actually a hair clip.

What a gorgeous smile!
Amanda didn't have time for me to take
as many pictures as I would have liked-
but she favored me with 10 seconds
as she dashed out the door.
She was the legal driver in her group
(had her licence longer than 6 months
so she is allowed to drive other teenagers).

The corsage matched the outfit beautifully!

More of Amanda's Art

When she is forced to Amanda has proven that she is very capable of completing a painting in a few hours. As shown in the piece she started and finished in one sitting. It is a beach in Kauai.

In Amanda's AP Art class two assignments are due every other week. You realize that is ONE EACH WEEK! Can you imagine? If I were her I would be specializing in abstract just so I could finish the quantity required.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Classy Lassy Boutique

Anyone who knows me knows that I SELDOM go without wearing earrings. And some of my best earrings are made by Becky, my daughter-in-law. (Jim's talented wife)
Funny thing is that Becky does NOT wear earrings. So I am pleased to be a regular recipient of her art work which dangles from my ears. I love it!
Becky also has a talent of creating beautiful necklaces and wire beaded flowers. Recently she created a web-site where a person may view some of the one of a kind creations she creates. Please view her site and spread the word- Becky's beautiful beads are for sale!

See her beaded art work at

When you wear one of her creations I will be sure to notice.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Painting Buddies

This is a normal happening
in our home, especially on Sunday afternoons.
Puma loves hanging out with Amanda
while she is painting or drawing.

Birthdays during the Holidays

Michael is intent on opening
one of his gifts.
The Scott gang munching on lunch
on New Years Day.

Happy 3rd birthday, Donny!
Braxton was a pro at getting the
wrapping paper off- but the ribbon
was a bit trickier.
Look at these eyes-
blue enough to melt aluminum.

Take a look quick!
This guy gets his hair cut
only 3x a year.
Isn't he dreamy?