Saturday, January 31, 2009

Andrea in UVU World Guard

I watched Andi and her friends perform at the
UVU Guard Competition held at Orem High School.
I have about five 'favorite' shows from tonights performances.
The UVU World Guard is one of them of course.
I had fun taking pictures of every show I was able to watch.
I think I missed the Timpanogos show.
I will eventually go through the 3000 pictures I took
and post the very best on my facebook.
Congratulations go to ALL the kids who performed...
they are all very talented. Woot!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ambar.

We love having Ambar as part of the family and one of the girls.

Back in high school little did Ambar know that she was the love of Aaron's life.

As a little girl playing in the snow.

Very brand new.

Ambar (on the left) with a sister at a beach.

Such a cute smile!

Ambar was born on January 25th 1988.
I wasn't there so I don't have any details to share.
What I do know is that we have enjoyed
getting to know her these past few months.
It was especially wonderful to have her stay
with us for several weeks during the holidays.
And boy am I sounding boring. It is 11:39 pm
and I should have been in bed hours ago!
Everyone do me a favor and wish her a
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday.
Love YOU Ambar!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Lost photos!

Today, while looking for some painting supplies for Amanda, we came across some old pictures that were hiding! These are only a few, and certainly not the best, but we will add more on as we find the time to scan them in.

P.S. I'm giving the older boys a few days warning to bribe me to not post several blackmail photos of each of them.... $$$ would be appropiate in this case ;)

Aaron looks like he's taking a bath in the box of packing peanuts =)

Aaron giving Andi a ride on the tricycle. He is so happy =)
Andi on the beach eating the sand

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Andi!

Andrea Rochelle Decker was born on January 18, 1990
in Salem, Oregon at 11:08 in the morning.
She was my first girl after four boys.
She spent her early years showing me just how sweet, nurturing,
beautiful and tender the female gender is.

Andrea is an amazing person with many endearing attributes and abilities.
I won't make a list of those qualities here- most of you know her well and know just how thoughtful her heart is, and have noticed many of her talents.
I am grateful that she brightens each and every day.
I am very blessed and spoiled to have her as a daughter.

I love you, Andi!
Love MOM

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Aaron!

Technically Aaron has already celebrated his twenty-first birthday since Japan is 12 hours ahead of us. Aaron was born on 1-8-88 in the early morning. That was in I calculate his birthday should not be celebrated for another eleven hours. Wish we were with him so that we could all eat cake together.

How to sum up Aaron in a few sentences? He looks hot in his military uniform, he is thoughtful and observant. His brain works as fast as a computer, and his favorite movie is IQ. He is a romantic at heart. He loves piloting airplanes, rock climbing, playing chess, Wizard, and Settlers. He adores his new wife.

The most exciting birthday gift for Aaron would be if his wife Amber could join him in Japan. We pray that the orders will go through soon so that can happen.
Happy Birthday, Aaron! We love you!

Once there was a Snowman

In this yard we don't build Snowmen...we construct other stuff. Last year it was a
heart shaped jacuzzi large enough for a half dozen people. We added fruit drinks with those colorful little umbrellas for a tropical effect. This year it is a sofa/loveseat complete with drink holder and big screen.

Andrew, Ray and Andi decided we needed a snowman.Or should I be politically correct and say 'Snowgal'?