Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Aaron!

Technically Aaron has already celebrated his twenty-first birthday since Japan is 12 hours ahead of us. Aaron was born on 1-8-88 in the early morning. That was in I calculate his birthday should not be celebrated for another eleven hours. Wish we were with him so that we could all eat cake together.

How to sum up Aaron in a few sentences? He looks hot in his military uniform, he is thoughtful and observant. His brain works as fast as a computer, and his favorite movie is IQ. He is a romantic at heart. He loves piloting airplanes, rock climbing, playing chess, Wizard, and Settlers. He adores his new wife.

The most exciting birthday gift for Aaron would be if his wife Amber could join him in Japan. We pray that the orders will go through soon so that can happen.
Happy Birthday, Aaron! We love you!


DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

With that first picture he is holding a baby and it says hayy birthday so natuarlly I thought Amber had her baby. I love all the pictures it makes me a little sad seeing all those pictures and thinking he isn't with his family right now I sure hope those papers go through doon.

Decker Family said...

The baby is Chris and Liz' baby, Blake. The photo was taken last summer during a rare visit with Aaron over Memorial weekend. Amber is due May 5th.

Liz Huntsman said...

So cute! I loved looking at all the photos!!!!! That's a fun thing to do on birthdays ... I love looking back at photos!