Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ambar.

We love having Ambar as part of the family and one of the girls.

Back in high school little did Ambar know that she was the love of Aaron's life.

As a little girl playing in the snow.

Very brand new.

Ambar (on the left) with a sister at a beach.

Such a cute smile!

Ambar was born on January 25th 1988.
I wasn't there so I don't have any details to share.
What I do know is that we have enjoyed
getting to know her these past few months.
It was especially wonderful to have her stay
with us for several weeks during the holidays.
And boy am I sounding boring. It is 11:39 pm
and I should have been in bed hours ago!
Everyone do me a favor and wish her a
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday.
Love YOU Ambar!


Liz Huntsman said...

How cute!!! (Where did you dig up her younger pictures?)

Decker Family said...

I was given a cd of pics of Amber when Andi made Aaron and Amber's wedding video.

Shauna said...

How sweet. She seems like a wonderful addition tothe family!