Monday, March 26, 2012

Receiving Orange Packages

    I love when there is a knock on the front door really early in the morning and I know that it is the UPS guy delivering an orange colored package. Even better is when he delivers TWO!!

    It is such a happy orange. :) It is going to be a good day. And I will finally know what 'day' it really is now that I have a calendar hanging on my fridge. Good day indeed.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Pages- And It Is Midnight

It is the middle of the night and some very tired people
are so lame brain they have forgotten how to 'GO TO BED!"
So instead of practicing the intelligent and wise habit
of early to bed, Andi and I are perusing photos.
We came across a couple of 12x12 pages I created
a while back. At Andi's prodding I am sharing them here.

This 'Sofie' page was very fun to do. I seldom use so many stickers on a page, but these were perfect for showing off little baby Sofie and there were so many of them that all together they made a bouquet of sorts. The leaves and some of the squirlies are free handed, something I like to add to my pages to make them strictly mine. I feel lucky anytime I can add a photo of MY sweetheart, Bruce. He never poses for photos and when he does he doesn't hold still . . . good pictures of him are a rare find. Here he is so content with holding his beautiful grand-daughter that he didn't really notice much that I was snapping the camera shutter.

Another rare photo of my sweetheart.
This page was so fun to create.
Each leaf is cut from a second duplicate paper,
edged in glitter and pop dotted to it's matching leaf.
I stitched orange floss around the basic shape of the colorful tree.
The tiny leaves accenting the 'fall' tittle have that
clear epoxy stuff on them to add dimension
and draw attention to that element.
The best part was writing the
10 things I love about Bruce.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Treasure You

Have to show off my adorable girls.
They truely are treasures.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Glue, Paper, Scissors

I found some more time to play.
I am one lucky chick.


 This is how I color eggs-
Patterned paper from Little Yellow Bicycle
paper line, modge podge glue, and
tiny plastic eggs.

Welcome Spring!!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ta Da!

    As one of the VERY first and most IMPORTANT tasks I wanted to do upon my retirement(?) from Nordstrom was to scrapbook I just had to do that right away. So I did that first thing!!!!
    Amber was sweet enough to join me at one of my favorite places on earth . . . Archiver's. I had previously staked out the premises and knew which papers I wanted to play with. Little Yellow Bicycle's 'Saturdays' collection was chosen to celebrate my freedom and opportunity for creativity.

    Being in my favorite place, creating with fresh patterns and cute embellishments was absolute heaven. I really like how the reds in the Little Yellow Bicycle Saturdays collection compliment the red in Amanda's shirt. I made the little circle fans with the easy to use Tim Holtz decorative strip die by Sizzix, 'paper rosette'. These pages are the newest ones displayed in my entry way. Stop by and see them in person. Call first, cause I just might be playing at Archiver's.

Sharing Time

    It has been awhile since I have experienced a true 'sharing time'. As A kid in elementary school I had such a difficult time with this concept. What did I have, do, or create which consisituted sharing worthy?
Well . . .that was then, this is now. I am more than happy to share something with you today. I actually took the time to scan a few 12x12 pages I created sometime ago. The three I will share here demonstrate the use of simple designed paper with little embellishment. The extras I added are simple and mostly consist of cutting portions of the already existing designs from the paper and moving it elsewhere on the page or tucking something (like a photo) under part of it.

    I remember cutting paper dolls at a young age. During the hours spent cutting paper as a child I had pondered the significance of the task I was doing. Despite the fact that I really did not like to play 'paper dolls' I was very neat and perticular with the task of cutting. As I cut the intricate designs from my scrapbook papers as an adult I am reminded of the same kind of 'play' as a little girl. That remembrance always brings a smile to my face.