Friday, March 9, 2012

Sharing Time

    It has been awhile since I have experienced a true 'sharing time'. As A kid in elementary school I had such a difficult time with this concept. What did I have, do, or create which consisituted sharing worthy?
Well . . .that was then, this is now. I am more than happy to share something with you today. I actually took the time to scan a few 12x12 pages I created sometime ago. The three I will share here demonstrate the use of simple designed paper with little embellishment. The extras I added are simple and mostly consist of cutting portions of the already existing designs from the paper and moving it elsewhere on the page or tucking something (like a photo) under part of it.

    I remember cutting paper dolls at a young age. During the hours spent cutting paper as a child I had pondered the significance of the task I was doing. Despite the fact that I really did not like to play 'paper dolls' I was very neat and perticular with the task of cutting. As I cut the intricate designs from my scrapbook papers as an adult I am reminded of the same kind of 'play' as a little girl. That remembrance always brings a smile to my face.

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Twice as Blessed said...

BEEEEEUTIFUL pages Karen. I love the simplicity, and yet elegance of them. I am with you--I love the cutting and pasting and that is why I am not really into digital scrap booking much. Thanks for sharing!