Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I Wish To Accomplish With My New Found Time

1- Be published in a scrapbook magazine.
2- Sew a skirt for myself.
3- Finish the dress Andi and I started for her last summer.
4- Finish Personal Progress (as a mother). Only 1 last task to do!
5- Encourage Amanda with her art commissions.
6- Do Zumba!
7- Date my husband at least 1x a week.
8- Have a grand kid day at least 1x a month.
9- Finish that baby quilt I started in 2010.

I am currently accepting predictions as to which year and month I will accomplish these wishes/goals.


Twice as Blessed said...

I read that as "hate" your husband. Weird. LOL Which one are you starting first?

Decker Family said...

Which one will I begin with? Scrapbook!!!!

Decker Family said...

Here it is October and I am excited to say that I have accomplished #4 and #10. And very proud of it!

Decker Family said...

I try to do #5. I am fairly consistant at doing #7 and #8, as they are ongoing goals I can never really count them as 'done'.