Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Caden's Blessing Day

Michael with Great Grandpa Coombs.

Grandpas are for hugs and kisses,
and lots of teasing and tickles.

Michael with Grandpa Maxwell.
Katy's sister playing with baby Caden.

Caden in his blessing clothes
snuggling with Great Grandma.

Dad and his little guys.
It is so much fun to see these handsome men.
So much help and input from Michael and Braxton!
Can Grandpa see what he is doing?

Big smiles from
Michael and Great Grandpa Coombs.

Close ups of Caden.

Showing off!

Chad received his High School Yearbooks
as a gift from his darling wife, Katy.
You can see a corner of one of the books
peeking out from behind Caden.
Father and Son

Gorgeous Mom!

Rough-housing with uncle Derek.

Michael Michael.

Smiles from Caden.

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