Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweetheart Sofie

In honor of Valentine's day, which is fast approaching, I thought I would share a fun page I made years ago. Other than the adorable baby girl and the proud Grandpa- the best part of this page is the awful amount of stickers used to decorate the plain white paper. The stickers are from Doodle Bug and the hand doodling is by moi. I purposely cut the annoying background from around the happy Grandpa. Some people would say that is a no-no, but I have been known to do what I please at times. And that pleased me (only because I couldn't come up with a doable alternative). The challenge I give you is to purchase those adorably cute package of stickers the next time you see some that are perfectly fun, and use them ALL on a lay out.
 I promise- You will feel young again!


Andi said...

Cute! I love it! And yes, I love all the stickers; they are the best part! (along with the pictures of course). And I think it looks great that you cut out around the pic of dad and Sofie. I have always loved this page :D

Karen Decker said...

Thank you Andi for your sweet comments. You make me smile. :)

Deena said...

This is a great page! That many stickers looks awesome! You are talented!