Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping Mall in Japan

Amber, Thomas and I stopped in a
fabulous little shopping Mall located
across the street from the coolest beach.
Pictured below is the shirt
I SHOULD HAVE purchased for Bruce.
How was I supposed to know he
would actually like how it looks?
The two of us have only been married for 25 years-
certainly not enough time to have figured out all of his tastes.
Each shop was separated by . . .?
You just had to know where one shop ended and another began.
They each had their individual cashiers, shopping bag logos,
merchandise mix and sales help.
Here we are holding up a tiny shoe
to Thomas' tiny feet as he sleeps.

This is how the Mall looks like from the parking lot.
The beach is behind us and across the street.

On the second floor looking down on the first floor shops.
It appears to be one large department store,
in actuality it is a MALL with many different stores.

Looking from one shop into the next one.
So many clothing racks to search through.

I had to take a picture of the sales help.

One thing I recall being impressed by is how
the sales person would hold my credit card in both
hands and offer it back to me, along with a nod of the head
at the end of each transaction. So polite and courteous.
That made me feel important.

So much merchandise displayed in every possible place.

I LOVE Suzy's Zoo!

Care Bears!

I had to look at EVERYTHING!
At least everything on the lower floor . . .
time was running out by the time we
got to the top floor so quick glances had to suffice.
Zipped by this display,
but I was quick enough to snap a photo.

Cool stuff I didn't have to buy-
the memory of it will be enough.

Beautiful beading, but look at the price!

I didn't bring this one home for my daughters.

Shoes for 5 bucks.
All in size 4-6.

Didn't bring this one home, either.
Awesome fabrics!

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