Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Have It All

Bruce and I are so blessed.

Between the two of us we have nine grand kids.

This year we will add FIVE more!

Aaron and Amber are expecting their first in May.

Their baby will be born in Japan.

We are grateful for the technology of photography and the Internet..

as that means we will be able to meet our newest grandchild

even though we will be half a world away.

Amryn and Jason are adopting three of their foster kids.

If all goes well Dorian, Dimitri and Donavon

will join the family on August 11th.

After many mis-carriages

Amryn is 'expecting' another boy on June 7th.

By the middle of August this year

I calculate that Bruce and I will have IT ALL!

I also calculate that Amryn and Jason

should invest money in Ibuprofen, and Toys R Us stocks.

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Life with Mark and Kristin said...

Wow! Your family is really growing. There are so many I've never seen.