Monday, May 31, 2010

The Impact of Appliances

Who would have known how much of an impact a dishwasher would make on my everyday life? Ever since we made the move into our new home our counters have been void of dirty dishes. Wha-hoo!
For seventeen years I have avoided doing dishes since the soaking of my hands in dish water weakens my nails and cracks the tender skin at my finger tips. Our previous home was built in 1944 and back then kitchens were not built large. We never had the space to install a dishwasher. So we were old-fashioned and cleaned dishes by hand.
My older children will attest that 'washing the dishes' was a daily chore of theirs. As the person count in my household has gradually diminished in number over the years the average number of dirty dishes on the kitchen counter have not followed the same pattern. Luckily I have a husband who doesn't mind getting his hands wet. He would choose dish washing over just about any other household chore.
Since our recent move into a more modern home, which includes such luxuries as several bathrooms, air conditioning, TWO car garage, two living rooms, and a dishwasher!!!, I have actually been cleaning up the dishes after each meal. Shocking, I know.
Hey- I may become domesticated someday. Who knows?

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JMadd said...

It does make a huge difference. And now that you have a dishwasher you'll never want to go back to doing them by hand.