Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thoughts of Gratitude

I am grateful to have found where the camera had been packed. I am grateful to have two more shelves assembled in the garage (courtesy of Bruce's and Amanda's hard work). I am grateful for the miracle of phones which make it possible to hear my grandson's laughter from half way around the world. I am grateful that I have the most amazing kids ever! And their spouses are all pretty darn good people also. I am grateful for a job I thoroughly enjoy, and that it keeps this aging body moving. I am grateful for a sweet friend who figured I deserved a relaxing evening out and provided the dinner and movie. I am grateful for an attentive sister who spent nearly every day for three weeks keeping me on task during our move. I am grateful for my knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Savior. I am grateful for a living prophet on earth today. I am grateful that tomorrow morning I can attend church where people do not know me or my family yet we will be welcomed and treated with kindness and friendship. I am grateful for the feeling of peace even in a troubled world.

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Andi said...

:D Love you Mom! :) Thanks for sharing that!