Saturday, June 28, 2008

Visting the Huntsmans

This week Dad, mom, and Andi drove to Cedar City to visit the Huntmans. They are all so cute and we LOVE them! Michael loves to roll around and scoot along the floor after whatever he is chasing at the time. He is on his way to crawling; it will be soon. Braxton is still a smiling happy boy almost all of the time. He says Andi's name a lot and she just loves it! He also says 'good throw' when throwing balls, rocks, clothes, anything. He is such a cutie.
We had a good time watching Chad and Katy play with Braxton this morning while Michael was napping. They are so good with their little boys!

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Huntsman Hotties said...

'Nice Throw' We loved having you here! Thank you so much for making the drive and visiting. We love you and miss you already ;)