Monday, September 28, 2009


So do I try to stay awake or try to sleep some more? Either way I will be tired. My brain is not that functional right now- so why am I blogging? Cause I am a DORK and I am required to do at least one dorky thing a day.
Last night at approx. 7:30 I receive a phone call from my dad asking if I would come over and help mom. Liz, Tyler and Blake had just left so the timing was perfect for me to jump in the car immediately and take the long journey to my parents home 6 houses down.
What I found upon arrival was not the normal. Dad was trying to help mom and mom was in the wheelchair slumped over.
This is where I am going to leave off temporarily. I have had less than four hours of sleep this past night and I believe a shower will help revive me for the next few hours of responsibilities.

Great place to leave off. ;)

Reminds me of a phone call I received once, "Karen, it's Eldon. Don't panic. Chad's been shot."

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