Friday, October 2, 2009

I.C U.

Yes, ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit, where my mom is vacationing at the moment. Bad joke- I know. Hardly a vacation. But she does have an air mattress which inflates and deflates to help with her circulation. Way more luxurious than having someone turn you over every half hour. For a gal who has failing kidneys, on oxygen, can't pee for herself, hasn't eaten more than what would fill a sandwich Ziploc in the past 4 days, has bacteria flowing through her veins, hooked up to a swan thing, and the anticipation of future heart surgery....she can put us all to shame with her positive outlook and her amazing attitude. Those who know my mom know that she is a remarkable woman- and these past few days prove it even more. Obviously perfection is attainable in this life. She shows us how.

P.S. In my case ICU stands for I'm Completely Useless.

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