Monday, July 5, 2010

Lambert Family Annual Swim Party

Thanks to Rob & Jenn
the Lambert's get to celebrate
the 4Th of July
each year playing together in a pool
and enjoying a great BBQ.
Great times are had playing with
siblings and cousins.
Abbie Poulson and Bradley Bertola.

Jacob and Kerrie Lambert

Tyler had a great time squirting people.
His mom was certainly one of the most tolerable.

Blake loved exploring more than being in the water.

Amanda did glitter toes for Andi.
So pretty.

Danial King was visiting
with his Pumpa and Grandma Poulson.

Blake did not like the water at first-
he especially did not like his suit.

Liz getting Tyler and Grandma back.

Proof that Blake did get in the water.
This photographer was quick to get this shot-
cause Blake did not last long in the water.

Liz is so adorable!
I am soooo glad she came and brought
Tyler and Blake with her.
That made the day great for me. :)

Of course there was food!
Robert is the official cook for this annual party.

Katie Larsson is always so adorable.

Stephen Rust should not have made this face
while someone with a camera was standing near.

Jacob Lambert practiced his walking skills.

. . . and his being cute skills.


The King's said...

Looks like it was a blast!!! Wish we could have been there. Thanks for getting the pictures though.

Decker Family said...

Just so you know- something weird is happenning with the blogger comment moderator. If you don't see your post here it is probably because of the probmatic issue occuring here. I enjoy comments and wish I could post them.

Liz Huntsman said...

Is that why your comment disappeared on my blog????

Anyway, thank you so much for posting these pics! I just love them! (Oh ... and thank you for not putting my fat pictures on Facebook. That had me worried ...)

Happy Birthday yesterday!!! I hope it was a good one!!! Hope to see you soon!!

Life with Mark and Kristin said...

Wish we could have been there for the pool party. It was great seeing you in Utah last week, though. Jen informed me that next year they may wait and have the party while we are in town so we can join. We miss having fun with all the Lamberts! Thanks for sharing the day with us.