Monday, November 15, 2010

My Savior

My Savior
Oil painting by
Amanda Joelle Decker

Since Amanda is way too busy to have a time clock job, her mom has decided to peddle her paintings. Much to Amanda's embarrassment. Amanda never looks on our family blog so it will be months before she even gets a clue what I have done. Last August, the week before school began, Amanda had the opportunity to study for 3 hours a day for five days with LDS artist Jared Barnes. Jared encouraged Amanda to find her own style of painting. This oil painting of Christ is a step towards that. Here Amanda is using color to create a painting which is uniquely hers. The original is displayed in our home and the vision of it speaks softly to my heart. I am melted by His loving gaze as His eyes penetrate my soul. I am reminded to follow Him.
By purchasing prints of Amanda's artwork you would be helping her further her artistic education and training. Amanda wants to attend BYU in the fall of 2011. She will be paying for that education through scholarships (hopefully) and the sales of her artwork. We have decided to start with offering prints of her piece entitled . . .


5 x 7 $6.00
8 x 10 $12.00
11 x 14 $20.00
12 x16 $28.00
Please contact me to place your order. Thank you very much! Love Karen


Twice as Blessed said...

Karen, does she know that you are doing this? I bet Destinee would die if I did this with her art work while she is gone. What I have plan to do is get some of them framed and use them to redecorate her room for when she returns. You are one brave girl! :)

Decker Family said...

Amanda knows I have made prints. We've sold a few already. What she doesn't know yet is that I have blogged this, even though I have told her I want her to FB the copy with the watermark across it. She seriously needs to make some money to pay for her never ending school expenses somehow. What size do you want to buy?