Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Official- Amanda is now PERFECT.

When Amanda was young she had her front baby teeth knocked out. When her new teeth were coming in she was able to wear braces to help the new ones grow in properly. We could not afford a retainer at that time so her teeth were never perfect again. As Amanda grew up and asked for braces; as parents our response was that Amanda is so beautiful and talented that if she had straight teeth she would be deemed 'perfect' and perfect people are translated. If that were to transpire we would miss her very much. Thus we just couldn't allow braces for her. That reasoning did not sway Amanda one bit. She suspected the real reason was we just didn't want to pay for them. Want. Afford. How similar are those two words? A year and a month ago arrangements were finally made for Amanda to have braces. She cried out of pure joy when she was told the news. She never once complained of the discomfort or any of the hassles of wearing braces. To Amanda this was her biggest dream come true.

Yesterday the braces came off. Amanda is now PERFECT in every way. Sure hope she hangs on to some imperfection so she is not translated yet. We sure would miss her TONS!


JMadd said...

Amanda was perfect before. Now she's just more perfect.

Andi said...

SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! oh my goodness!!! :D :D :D

Life with Mark and Kristin said...

You do have gorgeous girls! For some reason, braces or no braces, your daughters both skipped that awkward teenage stage I had to endure. Lucky them!