Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dress Not Worn

Even though we have several very beautiful dresses in the downstairs closet, Amanda is in search of a gown to wear to this years prom. Some unwritten rule dictates that a dress can not go to the same building, or event on the same girl more than once. One of the dresses in the closet has not yet been worn by Amanda, but there is a slight problem with it. The dress has already been on a date with the gentleman who has asked Amanda to this years prom. How often does that happen?

The beautiful gown Amanda is modeling belongs to friend who has offered to allow Amanda to wear it to the dance. This is a dress both Amanda and I have been in awe of ever since we saw it on Amanda's friend in last years pictures. Amanda wanted to wear this dress so intensely that she tried to convince herself that it fit even though it didn't. Thus the sash to tighten the waist and other hidden attempts at creating a better fit. The color and beading details are amazing. Certainly a dress made for a princess to wear to a very special event. Before we returned the gown to the owner we had to take a few pictures to keep the memories of this perfect dress alive in our hearts forever. Well, at least until the next 'most gorgeous' dress comes along.

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