Friday, May 18, 2012

Simply Scrapping

Occasionally I do create simple pages.
This one has sat on my craft table since March.
I have pondered what more I should add.

It has text (along the skinny trees on the left side),
five photos, a hand cut title, stamping, inking.
It's done.

But it looks 'simple' to me.
Like it needs a few more layers.

This one of my dad and my grandson Kay
is simple, too.
Maybe it is the layers or dimension.
I like layers, I guess.

Don't take me wrong- I like this page.
The photo came from my previous photo calendar.

I like to add a smudge of paint occassionally,
hand detail with a Le Pen,
something hand cut, and always edging in ink.

1 comment:

Andi said...

I think the pages look beautiful! You don't need more layers or anything. but this is coming from the non-artistic one in the family ;) Love you! You are SO talented! :D They're beautiful!