Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kauai 2009

The spot we ate lunch
on our last day there.
Looking down towards a beach
we had to climb down tree roots
to reach the shore.
The area we climbed down to.

I think this is the same beach.
Photo taken from the point
we descended the cliff at.
Bruce and I
This is the waterfall Aurelia
passed everyday when she rode
the school bus to and from school.

Yvonne and my older brother, Richard.

My older sis, Aurelia and her husband Ben.

In the condo right before we
left to go to church at the
same chapel we attended so many years ago.
Even Kauai has it's autumn colors.
Roosters can be found EVERYWHERE
you go on the island.
Leaves on a tree.
Photo taken near the wet and dry caves.

These are Ne Ne's.
Pronounced nay nay.

Probably taken just outside our condo.

Bruce and I were treated to a remarkable vacation by Aurelia and Ben. This trip had been planned since last February. At the last minute Dad and Mom were not able to make the trip with us as expected. Richard and Yvonne were able to make the hurried arrangements to join us. The whole experience was amazing and definitely memorable. I feel very blessed that I was able to be in Kauai with my two oldest siblings and visit the home we lived in 46 years ago. The places we went were beautiful and worth remembering. I was so young at the time we lived there that even with being in the same place again, nothing sparked any memories from the past for me. Happily both Aurelia and Richard were able to recall things from their memories and experiences. My favorite activity was snorkeling and being on the beaches. Bruce especially enjoyed the big waterfall we drove to on the last day we were there. Poor Bruce got sick the second day we were there. He did his best to enjoy everything despite being miserable. Today we found out that he has bronchitis. Silly guy!
Thank you, Aurelia and Ben, for making this vacation of a lifetime possible! Thank you, Richard and Yvonne, for dropping everything and being there! We had a GREAT time!

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