Friday, June 25, 2010

Backstreets BACK!

Zoe and I at Energy Solutions livin' our Childhood Dream
I drove to Salt Lake and no one died! YAY!

Anxiously waiting for what we came for. BSB's Dj was playin some great dancing music. Zoe and I had a blast mimiking the weird dancer girls behind the big screen.

Do you see Aunt Michelle?! I sure did!
I saw lots of people I know there. The Arena was Full!
Full of adult women who were teenagers
when the BSB were popular! HA love it!

After a Whole lot of waiting we saw the Backstreet Boys right before our very eyes!
UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Oh and they danced too! YES! haha. I Loved when they sang their old songs! I was obsessed between ages 7-9. Brian will always be my Favorite!! Kevin was the only one not returning to the BSB after 11 years.


JMadd said...

Did they sing most of their old stuff? I liked their old stuff, but I think their new stuff stinks.

Decker Family said...

They played both. It was annoying when they did their new songs 'cause they were boring. It was fun when they finally did the old stuff everyone had come to hear.