Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why not?

How crazy is it to spend all day getting my daughter and her friend to EFY in St George? And where were my brains when I agreed to this months ago? My brains are obviously connected to my heart with a VERY short line.
It all makes sense when you hear two girls getting more giddy as the miles separating home and southern Utah become shorter. There certainly must be something more special about attending EFY in a place four hours away rather than 15 minutes away.
Months ago when I casually agreed to drive my daughter to St. George and pick her up afterwards I was not thinking THERE and BACK, TWO times, and the cost of gas. I was thinking, "Sure, it's only 4 hours there. Why not?"
Why of course!
Yesterday was full of many of the reasons WHY to do it.
I got to spend hours with one of the sweetest and patient little girls, my grand-daughter, Jayden. We made it a girl day. Even though most of it was spent in a booster seat in the back of a car Jayden made the day fun. We sang songs, talked, colored, read Fancy Nancy several times, talked, and we even searched the girl isle of a toy store and decided on a butterfly make-up kit.
We played for a few hours at cousins Michael and Braxton's house.
Did you know that to a 5 year old, the drive to Arizona is not as long as the drive to St. George and back? I think it was the 'and back' that was the longest.
Our next 'girl day' will hopefully be in one spot and not involve booster seats and cars.
Jayden, thanks for spending the day with me. I had fun. I love you! Love Grandma Decker

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