Monday, January 10, 2011

A Few Fun Pages Created By LIz

My very beautiful and talented daughter-in-law, Liz, creates the best super cute and fun scrapbook pages using on-line digital format. I have only recently figured out how to post copies of them onto my blog. (I feel so accomplished.) Now I just need to figure out the simplest way to get these printed on 12 x 12 paper so I can add them to my scrapbooks. Then I will feel VERY accomplished. Thanks Liz for sharing moments of your life, even the tough ones, like those of scopes and being sick. P.S. My favorite page is the hot air balloons. I LOVE the photo angle of Tyler watching the balloons.
My other favorite is that adorable frowny face you captured on Chris. They are ALL my favorites!!!!


Twice as Blessed said...

Karen, do you do any digital pages? I really don't like to. I like cutting and pasting. Shauna

Decker Family said...

Shauna- Of course I don't do digital scrapbooking. The closest I come to doing anything digital is taking pics of what I create with real ribbons, paper and brads and posting them here. Love you!