Thursday, March 24, 2011

Third Congressional First Place Winner 2011

Amanda's art was chosen to be displayed
in the annual Springville Student Art Show.
That honor alone is something to be pleased with.

And then to receive an award
was exhilarating, to say the least!
And I am just the mom here.

As part of the experience of receiving an award
Amanda had a fun day going to the State Capital
with other award winning students to meet the Governor.
It was there that the students saw the Springville Art Catalog
for the very first time,

. . . and there was Amanda's painting printed on

the cover of EVERY one of those catalogs!

When we first heard the awesome news that
Amanda had won 1st place in the Third Congressional District
the big question was, "What does that mean?"
Amanda's high school art teacher
said it meant Amanda was going to Washington D.C.
We didn't wish to blab the news till we knew for sure
if this were true. IT IS TRUE!!!!
Southwest Airlines provides two round trip tickets.
Amanda does NOT have the tickets yet-
but she has met with a representative from Southwest Airlines.
The winnings DO NOT include the stay or transportation
so Amanda had better choose Moi to go with her.
Someone has to pay for those significant extras.
Amanda also received an American Flag
which has 'certifiably' flown at the United States Capital.
She was also presented with a NASA pen.
This isn't just any kind of pen- it can write in space,
under water, and in extreme temperatures.
That will come in very handy the next time she is at the north pole,
cooking underwater and she thinks of writing a thank you note
to congressman Chaffetz and his staff for choosing her artwork.

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DontYouWishYouWereUS said...

I love it!!! I am SUPER SUPER proud of Amanda, what a great talent she has!!! I hope she chooses you to go on the trip with her because that would be a great trip! Yay Amanda!