Monday, September 3, 2012

Amanda's Smashing

One of the awesome things about Smashing is that you have one place for memorabilia that would normally get lost in a drawer, stored away in a box forever, or eventually tossed. I wish I had my school I.D.'s displayed in an album.

Announcements, ticket stubs, and invites can be tucked in with the stories which make them meaningful.

This is better than a journal- color and pictures nearly always makes the story more interesting. Certainly more vivid.
Smashing isn't anything 'new', but it does have a cooler sounding name than whatever my vintage journals (which has scraps of mementos included) of 30-40 years ago were called.

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Twice as Blessed said...

My girls and I have been smashing for about a year now. We love it. We do trip smazsh books, a day in the week, movies we have seen, favorite quotes, etc. You can do whatever! I loved seeing Amanda's book. It is fun to see how others are smashing!