Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glimpses into Amanda's Smashbook

I love how Amanda Smashes!
Her personality shines through on every artistic page.
Amanda loves life!

She trys new things.

She is spiritual.

Family is important to her.

She cherishes lifelong friendships.

This is the way to create a memory book. I love how Amanda has a great combination of photos and journaling. The papers, tape, and embellishments she adds to her pages remind us of the styles and fashions of the times. There is always something romantic and nostalgic in keeping tags, ticket stubs, and memories in a persons own handwriting.

She has fun and makes new friends.

She is real.

She has dreams and ambitions.

She shares in the joys of others.

She is sentimental.

She is academically smart.

She knows how to be a girl.

She sees the beauty around her.

She finds happiness in each day.

She is pure.

She has an artistic style.

She is adventurous.
She surrounds herself with good friends.

She adds sunshine and joy to my life!

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