Thursday, November 1, 2012

How To Decorate Chip Board Shapes With Any Paper Pattern

Wood shapes and chip board come in a vast variety of adorable options.
The frustrating part is that they seldom come in the
color or pattern to match my current projects.

Using my Fiskar exacto-knife, Tombow multipurpose glue, a cutting mat,
and a bit of patterned paper I will show you how I turn
this wood shape into a beautiful embellishments to match my project.

Since I want to show the green side of this paper I will glue
my wood shape onto the reverse side of the paper.

I like the controlled tip applicator of the Tombow Multipurpose glue.

I place the glue side down and gently add pressure to insure a secure
and even bond of paper and wood. Using a stylus
I clean up any glue oozing from the sides before it dries.

Using my Fiskar exacto-knife I carefully cut the paper close to the edges of the wood shape.

When I have completely cut around the shape
it is ready to be inked, misted, glittered, or added to my project just as it is.
This same technique works great with chipboard shapes and alphabets.

I would love to hear what techniques you use on chipboard and wood shapes.

Happy crafting!


Jim and Becky said...

Ooo, I like it! I have some woodcuts and now I know just what I'm going to do to them! :)

Twice as Blessed said...

Thanks Karen! I am going to try this! Where did you get that xacto knife. I love that it is short and molded around your fingers. I could use that! I have some shapes also that would be fun to do this with.

Decker Family said...

I picked up my xacto knife at Archiver's. I know that Michael's and JoAnn's carries Fiskars. I would shop at whomever has the best coupon deal or sale. The less my tools cost me the more cool tools I can have!! Create something beautiful today! Thanks for blogging with me. :)

Deena said...

I've never tried this, but now I want to! So pretty!
Thanks for the tips!